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Cassette Printer can significantly increase the efficiency of your lab while helping to reduce the risk of misidentification of specimens. It prints directly onto cassette, eliminating handwriting or expensive, difficult to apply xylene-resistant labels. With impressive 300 dpi print resolution, you can print text, graphics and logos along with high-resolution linear and 2D bar codes on every slide you process.

Printing Technology

Infrared laser

Printing Speed

2-3 sec/pcs


316* 482 * 345mm

Iutput Capacity

2 Hoppers,  80 cassettes per collector

Output Capacity

1 Tray. 15 embedding cassttes

Can be connected with the collecting tank ( 500pcs).

Interface language


Printing Capacity

2D and 1D bar code, alphanumeric and graphic 



▸Small footprint - fits perfectly on a microtome work station, Immune-histochemical Lab or next to a ThinPrep Processor. 

▸Two channel operation. Single channel printing or two channels printing at the same time can be execute by system.

▸Build-in air purifying system, clean up the dust and contamination generated during the operation of the machine. 

▸Available for printing embedding cassette with and without lid.

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