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In all these years which have passed, we have seen it all – success and failures, highs and lows, celebrations and crisis, everything. But one thing which we never did was to ‘give up’. This, go getter attitude, our faith in each other and our commitment towards the company are the factors which have brought us where we are. I would never have been able to picture this successful journey without you people. My employees have always been my strength and backbone to the company.

For the entire year, we work like workaholics. Extending working hours, early logins to the systems, working from home and what not, we have done it all when work has demanded. But today is a day to enjoy, it’s a day to celebrate our dedication, our passion towards our work and the vision of perfection in everything we have been assigned. It’s a day, I owe to all of you. So let’s turn our party mode on and party like no one is watching. Let all your targets, files, deals and every other tension be on side for these few hours and congratulate yourself and each other for having been able to achieve so much. This is your day; our day and we will make it memorable forever.

Let’s make this day a treat for yourself and a reservoir of energy for the coming days so that our chariot of victory doesn’t stop here but goes on for years. Many more anniversaries, many more success stories and many more achievements are yet to come our way. Till then, let’s just keep up the good work and keep aspiring for more. As they say “those who dream big, achieve big”. So let’s not stop ourselves from dreaming, let’s not settle for less, let’s not restrict ourselves to what is conventional and let’s not let the failures discourage us.

Keep experimenting, keep growing and keep celebrating. A very happy annual day to all of you! Let’s start the celebration with big cheers to all of us!

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