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As a well-known enterprises for focus on production, agency, research and development of high-tech pathology devices and consumables in China.
Since its establishment in 2003, the company has been focusing on the histology industry.We have the most complete pathological products line with technology integrated services.
Our product applied to the whole operation process from tissue section to tissue storage inpathology laboratory.
At present, we have 7 directly affiliated companies, 3 factories, 18 offices ,1 lab and nearly 50 professional sales staff in various regions in China, such as north China, central China, east China, south China, northwest, southwest, etc., providing with high-quality pathological solutions.
Under the leadership of Chen Jun, the founder of Xiuwei, our company has continuously improved and innovated the product line and made efforts to realize the continuous development of medical engineering technology.
We have won the National High-tech Enterprise Award and 55 invention patents.
It has been committed to product innovation and development, continuous improvement and innovation of our product line, providing our customers with quality solutions.
Xiuwei keep brings new continuous development and makes contributions to the medical industry through our innovation and optimization.Join us , and let’s make pathology more easier.

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