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Guangzhou Xiuwei Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of pathology and operating room-related instruments, consumables and reagents.

Provide customers with better products and warm services, continuously improve and innovate product lines, introduce advanced domestic and foreign technologies, enhance the company's own brand, and form a dual industry line of domestic and imported brands.

18 offices, more than 30 salespeople, and after-sales services, providing a complete experience before, during, and after sales.

— Instruments—
Semi-automatic Microtome
Equipped with a high-precision controller with 25600 subdivisions and a high-precision photoelectric sensing system, ensuring a cutting accuracy of 0.1μm; can quickly switch between slicing and trimming modes on the LCD screen or control panel;
Fully automatic stainer
There are a total of 22 reagent sites, each site can load 450ml of reagent; the staining capacity is large, it can run 5 staining racks at the same time, each staining rack can pre-load 30 slides.
Cryoembedding Freezer
Utilizing Sterling refrigeration technology, no dry ice, liquid nitrogen, or refrigerant required, stable and controllable freezing effect; 6 standard freezing slots, customizable; reduces ice crystal formation.
Bone band saw
Integrated stainless steel design, easy to clean, no bone tissue debris splashing, material thickness: 1-150mm
Tissue processor
Optional heating, pressure, vacuum, and atmospheric modes to meet the processing needs of various specimens; 5L reagent bottle capacity (11 reagent barrels, 3 cleaning barrels, 3 wax tanks)
Tissue embedding center
Can satisfy 400 wax blocks for embedding wax at one time;Fully automatic on/off, manual/foot control switch;Paraffin gravity return design, high-performance solenoid valve control;At room temperature ~99Adjustable within range
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